Virucidal Cleaning your business during Coronavirus pandemic
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Keeping safe at work

Heart understands during these challenging times across the world, the safety and well being of all staff, family and customers has to be of the utmost importance to every business. Frankly we recognise this for ourselves and our loved ones too!

Coronavirus COVID-19 Cleaning

Current up to date information relating to the virus can be found here:

Can Heart help you soon?

We’re seeing companies, where they can provide flexible working practices, mobilising additional health and safety measures and splitting shifts through the day for the teams.

Where this is not practical for your business, why not let Heart review your cleaning requirements of the site and ensure a safe, sanitised environment for your workers to conduct their business in or come back to?

A sanitising clean would involve, but not limited to:

In the instance of a confirmed diagnosis of Coronavirus COVID-19

Current Customer Site

If we know your site well we would be comfortable in quoting the necessary to have your site fully sanitised to the best of our abilities to have you back in the site ASAP if a Covid-19 case is reported at your offices and you would wish to have the site fully sanitised.

New Sites to Heart

We would welcome a visit to assess your requirements as an ideal scenario but understand if this could be challenging for a site to accommodate us for this. A good chat and if you can provide us with a floor plan that would work for us too and provide you with a competitive quotation.

Please note all pricing will be upon application

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